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AdTEC Networks is dedicated to providing top notch service to companies in need of network assistance and will work on your behalf at all times. We will prepare, discuss and interpret all necessary network diagrams, configurations and applicable statistics so it is easy to understand. Our staff will gather all essential information and recommend the most reasonable equipment and services necessary to optimize your network. We will openly discuss all possible solutions to maximizing your network, what it can do for you and your staff, and what it can do for your customers. Your ideas and requests are important to us and we will listen to suggestions and work to provide you with an ideal solution. We will keep you up to date with development and progress of the project and any new ideas we may have for your company. We will remain dedicated to your project through completion to ensure you are satisfied with our work and verify all objectives are accomplished.

AdTEC Networks also has the resources available to educate your staff on the in’s and out’s of the network, how it can relate to them and how they can maintain the network themselves. Should that not be applicable to your business, AdTEC Networks also provides ongoing network maintenance and administration. Initial setup, upgrades or redesigns – you name it, we can do it. We are here to increase your business potential while maintaining integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Mission Statement

AdTEC Networks, the business behind the business, is a professional technical consulting organization committed to designing, refining and implementing innovative network solutions.

AdTEC Networks operates on the following values:

  • Emphasize honesty, trustworthiness and friendliness by our staff throughout our work.
  • Provide an efficient, punctual and service-oriented environment.
  • Empower organizations to become self sustaining and independent through effective communication and training.
  • Integrate intelligence, precision and quality network services in a timely manner.

We are committed to go the extra mile to ensure every implementation exceeds our customer expectations!


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